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The Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) is an official government register of security interests in personal property. It records the details of personal property used as security for loans and outstanding debt.


When someone registers a security interest on the PPSR, they are recording a security interest over specific personal property. Personal property includes cars, company assets, boats, used goods and IP.


We can search the PPSR to see if an asset is recorded on the register and if so, we can return:

  • The details of the asset (e.g. VIN number for a vehicle)

  • PPSR registration number

  • Date & time the security was registered

  • Name of the secured party (e.g. the finance company)

  • Contact details of the secured party


Approximately one in three vehicles in Australia are registered on the PPSR.


If a vehicle is registered on the PPSR the secured party has first right to the asset. This means that if you unknowingly purchase or trade-in a vehicle on the PPSR, it could be repossessed by the secured party regardless of who owns it now.


When purchasing a vehicle with a record on the PPSR, you want to make sure that the person selling the vehicle will pay off the loan or debt immediately so that the vehicle becomes unencumbered for your ownership. You can also contact the secured party directly to ensure this is done correctly.

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