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Having in-depth and accurate information is critical when purchasing a vehicle. Buyers can avoid potential issues such as ending up with a lemon or losing thousands of dollars if they have comprehensive information about the vehicle.


InfoAgent can supply a range of data services to help organisations provide important and up-to-date vehicle information or use this information to build their own branded vehicle report.


Using only a vehicle’s rego plate number and state of registration, we can supply you with all the key data, including:

  • Number plate, state, VIN and chassis number

  • Make, model, grade and version

  • Year of manufacture and compliance plate date

  • Vehicle type and body type

  • Primary and secondary colour

  • Engine number, size, configuration and power output

  • Fuel type and fuel economy

  • Transmission and drive type

  • Number of seats and doors

  • Registration status and expiry

  • Stolen vehicle type,jurisdiction, report date and summary

  • Written-off vehicle notification status, history and damage codes

  • Weight (GVM, GCM and tare mass)

  • Current and residual valuation

We manage the collection and matching of data from upstream data sources, so you don’t need to develop, integrate and compare data from multiple sources to compile a thorough and informative vehicle report.


We analyse and clearly explain areas of concern and suggest actions to rectify any alert or caution messages.


Using the InfoAgent API reduces the number of third parties you rely on and means your product and technology development teams can focus on core business, leaving the specialised vehicle data collection and reporting to us.

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