The vehicle is the asset that secures a loan.


Whether it’s an inexpensive runabout or a high-end sports car, finance companies must have real-time access to the latest vehicle information before they lend against it.


InfoAgent can provide a range of vehicle data services to help any finance company in Australia, whether you specialise in cars, trucks, motorbikes or anything in between. All we need is a vehicle’s rego plate number and state of registration, then we can provide a range of data points including:

  • Year, make, model & VIN

  • Registration status

  • Written-off status (WOVR)

  • Stolen status

  • Money owing (PPSR)

Before you lend money to purchase a vehicle or use a vehicle as collateral, it is important to check the vehicle’s history. You want to make certain that another financier has not already registered a security against the vehicle on the PPSR.


Registration status and written-off and stolen alerts can also provide potential red flags about a vehicle and could decrease its value should you ever need to repossess it. Accurate data also ensures that your systems, documents, and PPSR registrations are up-to-date with the latest vehicle information.


We specialise in making legal compliance easy.

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