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Vehicle information you can rely on

Whether it’s a budget-friendly commuter or a high-end sports car, finance companies must have real-time access to the latest vehicle information before providing loans against them.


InfoAgent provides a range of vehicle data services to help any finance company in Australia, whether you specialise in cars, trucks, motorbikes or anything in between. All you need is a vehicle’s licence plate and state of registration, then we can provide a comprehensive and accurate range of data points including:

  • Number plate, state, VIN and chassis number

  • Make, model, grade and version

  • Year of manufacture and compliance plate date

  • Vehicle type and body type

  • Primary and secondary colour

  • Engine number, size, configuration and power output

  • Fuel type and fuel economy

  • Transmission and drive type

  • Number of seats and doors

  • Registration status and expiry

  • Stolen vehicle type,jurisdiction, report date and summary

  • Written-off vehicle notification status, history and damage codes

  • Weight (GVM, GCM and tare mass)

  • Current and residual valuation

Before you lend money to purchase a vehicle or use a vehicle as collateral, it is important to check the vehicle’s history. You want to make certain that another financier has not already registered a security against the vehicle on the PPSR.


InfoAgent’s registration status, written-off and stolen alerts also provide potential red flags about a vehicle which could decrease its value should you ever need to repossess it. Our enhanced and accurate data also ensures that your systems, documents, and PPSR registrations are up-to-date with the latest vehicle information. We specialise in making legal compliance easy.


Easily keep track of your assets without visiting a dealership

InfoAgent’s vehicle monitoring service is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of floorplan finance companies by providing regular reporting on their dealer’s vehicle inventory. With our monitoring technology you no longer need to wait for someone to visit and audit a dealership to find out a vehicle has been sold. 


InfoAgent keeps you up to date and will notify you when a vehicle has been sold so that you can contact the dealership and expedite the repayment process. With this valuable information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about your finance book enabling you to streamline your collections and administration processes.

Discover how InfoAgent's services can support your finance company

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