Quickly and easily identifying vehicle details when quoting insurance or verifying a claim is now the standard in the industry.


InfoAgent can provide a range of data services to help any insurer in Australia, whether you specialise in cars, trucks, motorbikes or anything in between. All we need is the vehicle’s rego plate number and state/territory of registration, then we can provide many data points, including:

  • Year, make, model & VIN

  • Registration status

  • Written-off status (WOVR)

  • Stolen status

  • Money owing (PPSR)

These pieces of information are essential at both ends of a policy. When quoting a new policy, you want to make sure no potential factors would negatively impact a vehicle’s value, such as being previously written-off. This could also be a warning sign for potential fraud in the future.


Compulsory Third Party (CPT) insurance is often closely tied to a vehicle’s registration expiry, so it's important to have up-to-date information when renewing a policy.


This data is equally critical in the unfortunate event of a claim or total loss event where we can provide a detailed vehicle history report for your assessors. In particular, we can check the PPSR to see if there is a secured party involved before you pay out on a written-off vehicle.

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