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Customers expect a high level of service and want to find parts quickly and efficiently. Your business and staff need modern tools to make their job easier and ensure a positive customer experience.


InfoAgent can help you retrieve vehicle details using a rego without you or your customers having to worry about finding a VIN or chassis number to identify the correct parts.


Using only the vehicle’s rego plate number & state/territory of registration, we’re able to instantly return a small or comprehensive set of vehicle attributes, including:

  • Number plate, state, VIN and chassis number

  • Make, model, grade and version

  • Year of manufacture and compliance plate date

  • Vehicle type and body type

  • Primary and secondary colour

  • Engine number, size, configuration and power output

  • Fuel type and fuel economy

  • Transmission and drive type

  • Number of seats and doors

  • Registration status and expiry

  • Stolen vehicle type,jurisdiction, report date and summary

  • Written-off vehicle notification status, history and damage codes

  • Weight (GVM, GCM and tare mass)

  • Current and residual valuation

This allows for faster matching to the right parts and removes the risk of having inaccurate vehicle details generated from VINs that have been incorrectly copied or entered. You will also minimise frustration and wasted time dealing with customers returning the wrong parts.

InfoAgent’s modern and secure API is easy to integrate and will immediately enable cost-saving efficiencies and a better customer experience to your business, resulting in selling more parts and having fewer returns.


Our per transaction pricing plans with volume discounts mean there’s a cost-effective solution for everyone, regardless of your size.

Discover our Vehicle Data API today

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