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The NEVDIS database contains information about all registered vehicles in Australia, including their registration details, such as registration status, expiry date, registration number, registration class, and registration state or territory. It also contains information about the vehicle's make, model, year of manufacture, body type, and engine type.

In addition to the registration details, NEVDIS also stores information about each vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is a unique 17-digit code that identifies each individual vehicle and provides information about its history and specifications.

With just the licence plate, VIN, or chassis number and the state of registration, InfoAgent has the capability to provide a range of data fields, as below. The amount of data requested for each transaction can be customised to suit your needs. 

  • Number Plate

  • State

  • VIN

  • Chassis

  • Make

  • Model

  • Year of Manufacture

  • Compliance Plate

  • Vehicle Type

  • Body Type

  • Primary Colour

  • Engine Number

  • Registration Status

  • Registration Expiry

  • Stolen Vehicle Type

  • Stolen Vehicle Jurisdiction

  • Stolen Vehicle Report Date

  • Stolen Vehicle Summary

  • Written-off Vehicle Notification Status

  • Written-off Vehicle History

  • Written-off Vehicle Damage Codes

  • Vehicle Power

  • Vehicle Weight

  • Vehicle Power-to-Weight Ratio

In situations where you need substantial amounts of data across several vehicles, we offer batch processing services. As part of this service, we can provide supplementary information such as the postcode and suburb the vehicle is registered to. 

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NEVDIS, the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System, is a comprehensive database of vehicle and driver information in Australia, managed by Austroads.

Consisting of transport agencies from Australia and New Zealand, representing all levels of government. Austroads is dedicated to providing high-quality, practical and impartial advice, information, tools and services to help its members deliver efficient, reliable and safe mobility to their customers.


Established in 1998 and managed by Austroads, NEVDIS is a national system that centralises information on all vehicles registered in Australia on behalf of the six states and two territories. 

This essential customer service system exchanges information about vehicles and driver licences, enabling road authorities to interact across state borders and directly supporting the transport and automotive industries.


NEVDIS serves as a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies, road safety authorities, and vehicle manufacturers. It helps to ensure that all vehicles on Australian roads meet necessary safety and environmental standards, and enables authorities to quickly and easily identify and locate vehicles that may be involved in criminal activity.


InfoAgent is a trusted broker of the NEVDIS data.

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Accurate, real-time vehicle data has multiple uses across various industries and can help with:

  • Fraud and theft prevention

  • Accurate documentation

  • Improved user experience

  • Streamlined business processes

  • Better technical solutions

  • Innovative revenue streams


Parts Suppliers

Easily retrieve vehicle details using a rego lookup without your customers having to worry about a VIN or chassis number.

Car Dealers & OEMs

Be confident that all new vehicle sales have been registered correctly so that your VFACTS reporting is accurate.

Insurance Providers

Quickly check a vehicle has not been previously written-off (WOVR) when quoting a policy or assessing a claim. 

Automotive Software

Access to accurate real-time vehicle details to remove manual entry of data and increase compliance. 

Car History Report

Easily compile a comprehensive car history check using a rego or VIN lookup for your customers.

Finance Companies

Quickly check a vehicle's history including stolen, written-off, registration & PPSR before lending money.

Discover our Vehicle Data API today

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