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Unlocking the Potential: How InfoAgent Enhances Vehicle Data for Business Optimisation

Car interior

Accurate and real-time data plays a crucial role in streamlining business processes, protecting against fraud and theft, and driving innovation. This is especially true in the automotive industry, where access to comprehensive vehicle information is vital for a variety of stakeholders.

InfoAgent is a specialised data agency with access to a wealth of vehicle attributes and data that it then enhances so that it can be easily accessed and utilised for a myriad of applications. In this blog post, we will delve into how the information accessed can be leveraged to improve services and streamline processes within your business.

InfoAgent has spent many years developing a robust and reliable process of researching and acquiring important vehicle data, validating, mapping, and improving it to create enhanced data sets that are fit for purpose. While basic data plays a very important role, and all that's needed for some transactions, InfoAgent’s enhanced data is richer, more accessible, usable, and reliable. This enables businesses to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, de-risk decision making, and drive innovation for improved efficiency and performance.

To see first hand the differences between basic vehicle data and InfoAgent enhanced vehicle data, check out the table below.


Basic data

Enhanced data




Compliance plate










Raptor 4X4






Body style

Tray Cab-Chassis

Crew Cab Pickup

Number of doors


Number of seats


Engine number



Engine capacity


Number of cylinders


Engine configuration


Power (kW)


Fuel type


CO2 (g/km)


Fuel consumption (l/100km)


Transmission type

10-speed automatic

Drive type


GVM (kg)


GCM (kg)


Tare mass (kg)


Build date


You can see that by enhancing the data, InfoAgent is able to drill down beyond the basic data points, and uncover detailed and specific information about each vehicle. The implications of this enhanced data set for business solutions are immense.

InfoAgent's platform enhances vehicle information for maximum flexibility of use, allowing users to customise the data they require for their specific needs. The availability of accurate and real-time enhanced vehicle data brings numerous benefits to businesses across various industries in Australia. For instance;

  1. Accurate documentation: Automotive software providers can access real-time vehicle details via InfoAgents API, eliminating manual data entry and enhancing compliance. Car dealers, OEMs, and parts suppliers can ensure that vehicles are registered correctly, ensuring accurate VFACTS reporting and enabling seamless customer experiences.

  2. Improved user experience: Car history report users can instantly view comprehensive reports using just the registration or VIN, providing customers a detailed understanding of a vehicle's background and features. This helps buyers make informed decisions and enhances transparency with customers.

  3. Better technical solutions: Automotive software providers can leverage real-time vehicle details to enhance their solutions, removing the need for manual data entry and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Important data like registration expiry dates can populate work orders enabling technicians to quickly identify if the vehicle can be driven safely.

  4. Fraud and theft prevention: Insurance providers can quickly check the value and if the vehicle has been previously written-off (WOVR) before quoting a policy or assessing a claim. Finance companies can review a vehicle's history, including money owing, stolen records and registration details, to mitigate the risk of lending money for a potentially problematic vehicle.

  5. Streamlined business processes: Access to accurate vehicle data eliminates manual processes, reduces errors, and streamlines operations. Parts suppliers can easily retrieve vehicle details using registration lookup, mapping these to their parts inventory simplifying the customer experience and selling more parts online.

  6. Innovative revenue streams: By leveraging the enhanced vehicle data, businesses can identify new revenue streams and develop innovative products or services. For example, insights from vehicle data can drive targeted marketing campaigns or enable personalised vehicle recommendations.

  7. Sustainability initiatives: A growing number of conscious organisations want to do the right thing when it comes to climate change. They utilise the enhanced data to identify and evaluate their contribution to emissions, and change their fleets to achieve a lower carbon emission footprint.

There is an increasing need for this enhanced data as many businesses look to improve their services, streamline processes, and cut costs. This growing demand is fueled by the realisation that data-driven decision making leads to better outcomes. Businesses understand that leveraging comprehensive and insightful data provides a competitive advantage by uncovering valuable insights, identifying trends, and anticipating customer needs. Moreover, enhanced data use enables businesses to optimise operational efficiency by optimising processes and resource allocation.

Overall, the increasing need for enhanced data use is driven by its ability to drive innovation, improve efficiency, reduce fraud and ensure success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Looking to improve your product offering, or streamline your processes? Reach out to our team today, we can help you get the most out of vehicle data.


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