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InfoAgent is the go-to source for extensive and enhanced vehicle information for all Australian registered vehicles. Our powerful platform can provide you with a comprehensive range of data just by using a licence plate, VIN or chassis number, and the state where the vehicle is registered.

Using InfoAgent, you can access a wealth of vehicle attributes to make informed decisions that can positively impact your business. Whether you need basic information such as make and model or more detailed data such as fuel type & transmission details, InfoAgent’s fast and reliable API can provide it all to you.

At InfoAgent, we understand that different users have different needs when it comes to accessing vehicle information. Hence, our platform is designed to be flexible and user-friendly, enabling you to select the exact set of data you need, precisely when you need it. With this level of flexibility,  you can access the information you require quickly and easily, without any unnecessary delays or complications. 


This is an example of just some of the data attributes we can provide you.

  • Number plate, state, VIN and chassis number

  • Make, model, grade and version

  • Year of manufacture and compliance plate date

  • Vehicle type and body type

  • Primary and secondary colour

  • Engine number, size, configuration and power output

  • Fuel type and fuel economy

  • Transmission and drive type

  • Number of seats and doors

  • Registration status and expiry

  • Stolen vehicle type,jurisdiction, report date and summary

  • Written-off vehicle notification status, history and damage codes

  • Weight (GVM, GCM and tare mass)

  • Current and residual valuation

If you require large quantities, or specific data across multiple vehicles but do not have the capability to process it, we can assist you by processing batches of information.


With InfoAgent, getting the data you need has never been easier!

Discover our Vehicle Data API today


InfoAgent obtains vehicle information from a variety of trusted providers including Government agencies such as Austroads (NEVDIS) and the Australian Financial Security Authority (PPSR), as well as third-party datasets collated by leading vehicle information authorities.

Utilising these different sources, enables us to provide a very broad and comprehensive set of vehicle attributes and insights that can help all motor industry stakeholders make well-informed decisions in real-time. 

Our data suppliers possess extensive expertise in gathering and researching Australian vehicle information, and have a deep understanding of the automotive industry, enabling them to provide accurate and up-to-date datasets.

At InfoAgent, we leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to bring all this information together and deliver accurate and useful datasets across all markets in Australia. By using our platform you can be confident that you are accessing the most reliable and comprehensive vehicle information available.


Accurate and real-time vehicle data can serve multiple purposes across various industries including but not limited to:

  • Fraud and theft prevention

  • Accurate documentation

  • Improved user experience

  • Streamlined business processes

  • Better technical solutions

  • Innovative revenue streams


Parts Suppliers

Easily retrieve vehicle details using a rego lookup without your customers having to worry about a VIN or chassis number.

Car Dealers & OEMs

Be confident that all new vehicle sales have been registered correctly so that your VFACTS reporting is accurate.

Insurance Providers

Quickly check a vehicle has not been previously written-off (WOVR) when quoting a policy or assessing a claim. 

Automotive Software

Access to accurate real-time vehicle details to remove manual entry of data and increase compliance. 

Car History Report

Easily compile a comprehensive car history check using a rego or VIN lookup for your customers.

Finance Companies

Quickly check a vehicle's history including stolen, written-off, registration & PPSR before lending money.

Discover our Vehicle Data API today

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